Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 10 Places Worth Visiting For Your Next Adventure

Have you got the Material Plane blues? Tired of walking on solid ground and fighting things that are bound by gravity and other Earthly limitations? Well, take a look at these fun settings for your next game night!

1. Baator a.k.a The Nine Hells

Next time you’re about to partake in a dungeon crawl, why not do a Hell crawl instead? Welcome to Baatorwhere fire and brimstone are plentiful and spicy vindaloo is used as toothpaste. It looks like a bloody, chaotic mess but I assure you, while there is a shit ton of blood, it’s actually very orderly and structured. Ok, so there are nine levels of hell and each level has it’s own clan or faction of devils and they all hate each other. On top of that, each level has it’s own lord; you may have heard a few names like Tiamat or Asmodeus who are constantly waging wars against one another. Storyline suggestion: You and your party are a group of half devil mercenaries. You roam Baator picking up bounties and playing politics while trying to not get yourself killed in the process. Remember: devils who die in Baator are dead for good.