Take Control Of Your MTG Collections with “Decked Builder” #TableTechTalk

Welcome to my new series, TableTechTalk on, or for simplicity sake: T3.  I will be taking a critical look at the tools and technology available to TableTop players that help bridge the games we love from the analog world into the digital space.  There are a fair number of apps and tools available to us, which begs the questions, are they any good?

While I’ve been a lifelong TableTop gamer I have to confess I’m fairly new to the Magic The Gathering community.  When it comes to Magic, residents DangerChris and the Red Falcon are the lifelong dedicated players of the game.  I’ve played plenty whenever I got togeather with my brother, but I’ve never actually owned any cards, I would use one of the 35 decks he had constructed to routinely destroy him.  (If you’re reading this Tyler, that’s 9 games in a row now.)

Also, I had known that Magic can be an expensive hobby, and for many years now all my money has gone to boring things like heating bills and LED lightbulbs for this stupid house I live in.  My main game of choice, DnD, doesn’t really require a huge investment to play if your willing to do some arts and crafts.  But, with the release of Eldritch Moon I’ve gone full blown Magic crazy, I had forgotten how amazing it was to crack packs and pull something amazing.

Within a few short weeks my collection has gone from nothing to 700+ cards.  Which quickly created a problem for me, I really didn’t know what I had and how many of each card.  The one thing you need to know about me is that I love organization and order (it might have to do with my german roots).  So the one first thing I thought of was some sort of database for Magic, a spreadsheet could work but it’s a flat database and can get a little unwieldy as your dataset increases.  As a programmer by trade (I’m the guy that made the website you’re currently reading this on) I knew that someone had to have created a more dynamic means of inputting, sorting and pricing your collection – OH! and something with an ability to scan the cards in.

T3 Top Pick

Good Things

  • Blazing fast input using Card Cam
  • Research and build decks offline
  • Pulls in pricing information from multiple sources
  • Ability to make batch purchases from multiple online stores
  • Estimate the value of your entire collection

Bad Things

  • In-App purchases to Unlock Full Features
  • Seperate purchases needed for Desktop and Mobile

The Breakdown

Ease of Use