Star Trek Risk Is A Great Way To Explore The Galaxy


For some, Risk is an overplayed and over-hyped game. To those people, please, just give this game a chance. 


I’ve rage quit so many times playing Risk. Happens the same way every time. Someone moves on my turf. I try to defend. A succession of terrible dice rolls ensue. I change my roll tactics: maybe this time I blow on the dice, maybe next time I roll with my eyes closed. I yell something like Shaba-da-doo as I release the dice.

It matters not. The snake’s eyes have taken an interest in my soul and I shall roll 1’s for all eternity.

So when my buddy got the Star Trek Risk: 50th Anniversary Edition for Christmas and wanted to test it out, I will admit I was reluctant. The game offers a fairly straight forward storyline. Basically all the best Federation captains have been brought together by the devilish rogue, and they must compete for control of the galaxy. Captains Picard, Sisco, Janeway, Riker and that other guy are all included!


Officers and ships

There was a brief fight over who got to use Picard’s faction. I ended up with Janeway which is ok…people hate on her for breaking the prime directive all the time but they should be more understanding: she’s just trying to get her people home! No one wanted to be the bushy brow dude from Enterprise. I do not blame them. Geoff says he hates how Enterprise created new races even though it takes place before the other shows. What the hell happened to the Andorans? 


There are two very different ways to approach this game. You can either play the Risk we all know and hate OR you can play in scenario mode. One way will end in a violent, bitter, vomiting of blood mixed with endless despair and the other in pleasant game awesomeness.


I almost think the game would have benefited from not being aligned with Risk at all. Sure, the mechanics are the same but that doesn’t mean the game needs to be played the same way. Hands down, the scenarios are where this game is at.



Completing missions and collecting Q cards is just so much more fun than just smashing into one another. Not to say there isn’t a lot of smashing… because there is. In fact, at the beginning of the game, some planets are given alien inhabitants which need to be *ahem* removed. Essentially, Scenarios add a vital lifeline to a game that arguably should never be repackaged again. Who needs Walking Dead Risk or Game of Thrones Risk anyway?

I tell you who. No one.

Buy and play this game for the missions and you’ll never have to RISK another dull moment….. see that? See what I did there?



The Breakdown

Avoid gouging own eyes out in fit of rage
Play is again Sam!
Get put out early, eat all the pizza while watching others play
Get angry at dice and then fall in love with dice