Star Realms Expansion Packs – Ranked

Star Realms is easily one of my favourite games to play as it combines a lot of elements I love to see in games. Dynamic factions, slick card art and game mechanics that appeal to nOobz and veterans alike while using a communal draw deck keeps each game fairly even and fresh. Created by two Magic: The Gathering hall of famers, to me this game features a nice blend of early aggro themes mixed with mid game control play. Over the past while they’ve released a number of expansions, some of which I love and some I believe distract from the core of the game. Here’s my ranking of best to worst.

Bases and Battleships

BB-Web-Grouping (1)


To me Star Realms is about ships and bases. I love looking at the trade row and seeing the potential buys to help make my fleet stronger. I highly recommend buying this expansion with the game and incorporating it right away.
Card to watch: Obliterator

Fleets and Fortresses 


Fleets and Fortresses adds some much needed mega defense to the game. Getting some massive bases out and soaking up damage makes the game feel a little less like an all out gun fight and a touch more cerebral.
Card to watch: Death World


Heroes-Web-Grouping (1)


The Heroes expansion is fun enough to play but I wouldn’t say it adds too much to the game. Basically, it’s a way to access cards that you probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place or to get some early game action. If you’re looking to speed up play a touch, “Heroes” will do that for you.
Card to watch: CEO Torres


Events-Web-Grouping (1)

This expansion is basically a, “Draw cards, lose cards, gain life, lose life” expansion. I don’t really like how much card draw, “Events” has in it as I find it unbalances game play. You’ll have a nice back and forth going and suddenly your opponent draws an event leading to the drawing of another event and, “BOOM” you’re both drawing all your cards. If you’re looking to make games run more quickly, this expansion is a must.
Card to watch: Bombardment


wp_expansion (1)


The, “Gambit” expansion is meant to add another level to gameplay by providing cards that either act as instant, one time cards or as a continuous effect that lasts the entire game. I don’t like that there is no way to remove these cards as some of them have abilities that can alter game play considerably. A card doing one damage a turn doesn’t seem like much but considering an average game can last 15 turns or more, that can equal a quarter of your starting life… errr… authority total. Personally, I’d keep the expansion packs ship and base oriented or make all gambit cards one time use and keep them as defensive options.


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