Set Phasers On Fun! You’ll Be Amazed By These Star Trek Games

Ahhhh Star Trek, you’ve got a way about you that is hard to describe to the uninitiated. You’ve given me and countless others who exist, relishing in your cannon a gift of entertainment and depth hard to match. So to find out there are so many games which allow us to come just a little bit closer to your universe; a universe full of differently coloured humanoids and once in a while, an alien that ISN’T a human but something like alien space whales. So here’s a bunch of different games that allow you to pretend you’re in space doing awesome Star Trek things!

1. Star Trek CCG or STCCG


Back in the 90’s a game called, “Magic: The Gathering” literally changed the world. In it’s wake just about every conceivable CCG was created at once and of course, Star Trek got in on the action. Decipher games released two editions of this, admittedly, confusing game. It started out strongly enough but as it expanded to include more races, ships and cards, it became really frigging hard to learn. In an attempt to streamline the game, Decipher released a second edition of the game but stupidly allowed SOME cards from the first edition to cross over using a time warp thingy….. At one point, players could have three or four DIFFERENT decks going at once…. note to game designers: less is more. Just watch these two dudes explain how the game works….it’s mental; so mental they added “Benny Hill” to the music just to show how silly it is….but silly is fun!

If you don’t feel like watching the whole video, I’ll recap it for you: You build a deck with ships, crew and space stations as well as a deck of planets, nebulas and dilemmas. You place your planets and such in a row and dilemmas are slipped under them. You use your fleet and crew to defeat the dilemmas. Once all dilemmas are defeated you get points based on the planet or nebula you just won! Oh, and you get to blow each other up if your ships meet in space….which they will…because you want them to.

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