How To Proxy Magic The Gathering Cards Like A Pro

How to Proxy like a Pro
Want to test out a new deck idea? Found some wicked alternate art for a favourite card? Don’t want to buy a 2nd Gaea’s Cradle for you new mono-green elfball EDH deck? Welcome Proxies. Proxies give us a way to substitute in a fake card due to several reasons ranging from testing to not carrying around a very expensive card at the LGS. Proxies are pivotal in the growth of the secondary Magic market. Try before you buy – this is nothing new and applies to Magic.

You see a couple different types of people who proxy – The guy who just puts a little piece of paper in the sleeve with a basic land stating the new card cost and abilities, the guy who just draws a funny stick picture of the new card, and the guy who walks in with proxies looking like a professional artist created it. So how do they do it? Even if it is a pro artist, how do they get the card looking so well done? Well the people over at RevesArt have created a simple video demonstrating how they do it; let me tell you, it looks pretty easy and something I will be trying.

Check out their video – 

For those of you interested here are the supplies from Amazon –

  1. Printer
  2. Pure Acetone
  3. Golden Digital Ground
  4. Glass and Tile Medium
  5. Varnish Spray
  6. Double Sided Tape

I hope to see everyone’s newest proxies very soon! Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram!