Haulin’ A$$: We review “Galaxy Trucker”


Galaxy Trucker is a wacky, space flying, cargo carrying adventure that sees you and your friends compete to build the best spaceship, buy cargo, staff personnel and race each other to the finish line; all while dodging meteor storms that are looking to blast your ship to pieces.


To begin, each player receives a card which shows the basic shape and sizes their ships can take on; tiles are placed in the centre of the play area and on the count of three a timer is set and each player pins one arm behind their backs. At this point, it’s a mad grab as players search for the tiles they want for their ships! Shields, weapons, cargo holds, engines and crew areas are all needed for the various trials of the game. After each tile is played the game progresses and cards reveal bigger ships which make for more power and cargo but also easier to be hit by asteroids!


Once the ships have been built and checked to make sure all the plumbing lines up, the flight deck is shuffled and players begin taking turns by revealing cards one at a time. This is where your ship build will be put to the test: meteor storms will test your shields for weakness, pirates will try to take your ship and disease will attempt to wipe out your crew. If you find yourself in open space with no engines left be prepared to just float away….never to be seen from again.… Once all the cards have been encountered, players who still have ships able to cross the finish line sell their goods and receive points for having the most intact ship and a sliding scale for finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Since the success of Galaxy Trucker, CGE has released different types of expansions introducing new missions, threats and tiles showcasing new ship components. For more information, go here



image source: cbgames, neogaf, boardgame geeks

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