Commander Staples – Lands

Hello! Welcome back to the last edition of Commander Staples! The final part to the staples list is none other than Lands. Needed in every deck there are some lands that do well in pretty much every deck there and we are here to explore those what I consider to be the top 5.

Lets get right into it –

1: Vesuva


Look, not all of us can afford a Gaea’s Cradle, or a Cavern of Souls or even a Cabal Coffers… so for us? We get Vesuva at $14. If you are playing against deep pockets, copy a Cradle, or anything. This land is almost always going to pass value on to you and your game, even if it is dropping in as a basic what does it matter, the times it drops in as a Cabal and the opponent also has Urborg’s out, you will be smiling.