Check Out This Tohaa 300 Point Army Kit from Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli has just made it way easier to get into their table top war game Infinity by releasing a ready for battle box set

I love starter kits. Getting into table top games like Infinity can be intimidating and starter kits create such a nice base to build off. Corvus Belli understands this and I love them for it. So let me introduce to you the Tohaa, a super advanced alien civilization utilizing symbiotic armour and viral weapons. They also look slightly elven, which is always a major bonus for a guy like me.


The Tohaa are a fast, punchy army using a mix of long range sniping as well as up close, hand to hand combat specialists. Another unique element of the Tohaa is their use of animals as both fighting units and combat moral. As mentioned earlier, the box set contains 300 points worth of Tohaa which is exactly what the average game uses so you can literally bust this thing open, paint it up and start fighting!


The core of the Tohaa are their fireteam: Triad rule. Quick, agile and adaptable, the Fireteam are Tohaa’s swiss army knife. Fighting along them are the Kamael Light Infantry who are a bit tougher but still a great, low cost addition to add some bulk. Laying down the long range death is the Nikoul with its Multispectral Visor L1. Tohaa also use a one man rush in the form of Clipsos: a camouflaged skirmisher who can drop deep into the board and create mayhem.


Kaeltar Specialists fight alongside SymbioBombs and SymbioMates. The Sakiel are another light infantry but because of special armour they get an extra wound making them tougher. To put the hurt on the opposition, Sakiel utilize viral combi rifles which give extra attack dice. Add them to a triad for some extra pain or use them as a Lieutenant option. For the heavy support, we turn to the Ectros which is basically a beefed up version of the Sakiel.


For the close combat lover in you, there’s the Makaul troops. This unit gets up close and drops smoke bombs to blind enemies. Once they get up close they become a major pain for opponents troops to deal with.

I’d say if you’re thinking of getting into Infinity but want to play with an army that’s a little bit different, check out the Tohaa starter box. Here’s a little promo video from Corvus Belli to wet you appetite for destruction!