5 Games I’ll Never Buy but TOTALLY Wish I Could Afford

I’ll start by stating I tend to tap my wallet pretty hard for cards which I use to tap and untap and if you’re here, reading this, then odds are you already know what it is like to see something…..YOU WANT IT… can not have it…..Like in “Wayne’s World” with the white Strat. To me, there are so many board games that ARE THAT WHITE STRAT! The idea of sinking 300 bucks into a game that almost no one will play with me is nauseating. The fact that I might not end up liking the game that much hounds my soul. I burn to lose that vexing feeling that I’m missing out on an amazing gaming experience….and yet…in my heart of hearts…in the dead of night when all the world is asleep…. I WANT THOSE DAMN GAMES!

Rise of the Kage


Ok so a game about ninjas where you and up to three of your friends run around in full stealth mode, throwing smoke bombs and whipping shurikens sounds AMAZING! I love Naruto and Ninja Scroll and I read Ninjas vs Pirates and I used to run around thinking I was a ninja when I was a kid. I love ninjas! But let me level with you…THIS GAME COSTS 131.95 BEFORE TAX…Where am I ever going to get to try this game before I buy it? NOWHERE! I swear they made it this expensive to test peoples true ninja skills in trying to steal this game. I bet if you manage to steal it you get confronted by REAL ninjas and they take you into the sewers to try fight some mutant turtles n rats n weird stuff like that.

Forbidden Stars


In typical Warhammer fashion, they’ve made yet another installation to their universe COMPLETELY unattainable unless I either: A) Don’t eat or B) Give so much blood I’d come out looking like a weird Necron who just ripped some dudes head off because he was all like, “Dude, 115 bucks isn’t that bad for a game…just skip the groceries this week”….. I ALREADY DID THAT… I look at this game and I want to try it out SO badly but when am I going to ever get the chance? Never….ever….ever.

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