Black Lotus Artwork

You Won’t Believe The Asking Price For This MINT “Black Lotus”

Black Lotus ArtworkApologies for the Click-bait-y title, but I think in this one instance its completely warranted. In the world of Magic The Gathering there are literally thousands of cards, but all are dwarfed by the “Black Lotus”. Its the quintessential holy grail for all Magic Players.

The most sought after Black Lotus’s come from the Alpha and Beta sets, with Alpha cards being worth more due to its much more limited print, which is estimated to be only 1,100 copies. The Beta version of the card had around 3,300 copies printed.

You might have stumbled across this video where a guy opened a pack fresh alpha Black Lotus and caught his reaction on camera.  Graded as a 9.5 by BGS that card was sold on eBay in 2013 for an eyewatering sum of $27,302.00.  Dats some expensive cardboard yall.

Now if you wanted one of these coveted cards right now you can find Black Lotus’s for purchase in varying degrees of quality online.  As of writing this article there are 62 auctions on eBay for Alpha, Beta and Unlimited Black Lotus’s.  It safe to say that an ungraded near mint Black Lotus could fetch $6-7k.

Now it’s time to move into the realm of the ludicrous.

No, not you Ludacris.

No, not you Ludacris.

I was searching for Black Lotus pricing when I stumbled across this.