Warmachine and Hordes Two Player Battle Box Is Here!

Privateer Press has just made it hella easy to get into Warmachine and Hordes


I’m sure there are people out there who can sympathize with me when I say that while table top strategy games are super fun to play, they are also usually really expensive to get into and the armies take a lot of time to build and paint. I get that painting and modelling miniatures is all part of the fun but some of us don’t have that kinda time and I’m more of a, “let’s get to the killing” kinda guy…know what I mean? Well, I guarantee the lovely people over at Privateer Press know what I mean, cuz they just released two different box sets, both housing two complete armies.


Box set price: 89.99 USD$

One is for Warmachine and the other is the compatible sister game, Hordes. The two box sets contain armies that differ stylistically from each other: Warmachine gives you the Cygnar and Cryx forces that feature a steampunk vibe. Hordes brings with it the Trollbloods and Skorn two gnashing, clawing and rampaging beast like swarms. The models are plastic which is good and bad: Good because they’re more durable but bad because it doesn’t have the same feel.

So what exactly do you get in a Battle Box? Let’s find out!