Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 10 Places Worth Visiting For Your Next Adventure

6. Skyreach Castle, The Cloud Giant Citedal

I wish more campaigns had ambitious destinations. If you’re looking for a great place to plunder treasure and fight fun creatures, why not look up? Cloud Giants are an odd sort: they’re friggin HUGE, yet exist in the sky. They can float, which is just ridiculous. Lastly, they are mind blowingly powerful, utilizing innate magical powers and delivery crushing melee attacks. Skyreach Castle is like the epicentre of Cloud Giant life. It’s like the social media hub that fills them in on all the current Cloud Giant gossip. At the helm of this castle is a giant who’s name can only be spoken if you barf and belch at the same time: Blagothkus. He’s a somewhat evil dude who wants to go back to the good ole days when sport was sport and groovin’ was groovin’…..wait, that’s John Cougar Mellencamp. No, Blagothkus wants only Dragons and Giants to rule. Maybe you can make him see reason….by killing him!
Storyline Suggestion: Towns are being attacked by dragon whelps and young giants. You guys are sent to put an end to the threat.