Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 10 Places Worth Visiting For Your Next Adventure

5. The Inner Planes a.k.a Elemental Planes

The Inner Planes are what the Material Plane is built on. Fire, Ice, Earth and  Air are the major players in this realm but there are a bunch of smaller groups doing there part to help keep shit real. That last sentence is literal: without the elements, nothing would exist in the Material Plane and shit would definitely not be real. Each sphere has it’s own political landscape and native denizens. When not fighting among themselves, you’ll find opposite elements fighting each other. Fire Efreets and Salamaders battle Frost Giants and Ice Archons. Air Djinn and Arrowhawks clash with Earthen Xorn and Thoqqua. It’s complete mayhem. You’d need a local news weatherman to figure out what was going on.
Storyline Suggestion: The Elemental Planes are slowly collapsing due to a mysterious Spellplague. Your party is enlisted to travel to the Inner Planes to try and save them. During your travels, you’ll meet the lords of each sphere and have a chance to help or hinder them in their various plans.