Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 10 Places Worth Visiting For Your Next Adventure

4. The Astral Plane

Ahhh The Astral Plane: Where up is down, out is in and time kinda just hovers around. Think of The Astral Plane is a kind of gateway; bridging the Material Plane to the more abstract Outer Planes. As such, it’s one of the easier places to get to when considering planar travel. It’s actually pretty peaceful around here, though there are a few dangers. The 5th edition DMG warns us, “Watch out for the Githyanki, an outcast race of reavers that sail sleek astral ships, slaughter astral travelers, and raid planes touched by the Astral Their city, Tu’narath, floats through the Astral Plane on a chunk of rock that is actually the body of a dead god.” You’ll also find a host of spirits, angels, devils and other planar travellers just like you….well not just like you….everyone is a snowflake, original and special and don’t you forget it!
Storyline suggestion: Your party is approached by a wizard who knows of a great treasure hidden on the Astral Plane. He teleports you there with a map showing a portal you can use to get back but it’s up to your group to make it there.