Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 10 Places Worth Visiting For Your Next Adventure

3. Ravenloft’s Pocket Dimension

Ravenloft’s who-da-wha-da what now? What the shit is a pocket dimension, I hear you ask? Well, my inquisitive friend, I’ll fill you in. When someone is bad, like reallllly bad, this fog rolls in and whisks that person off to a place known as Ravenloft. At some point, if someone is evil enough, they get their own territory to rule: Strahd Von Zarovich and Lord Soth are a couple notables. The rules on what constitutes a villain getting their own pad are a little bit…..foggy….see what I did there?
Storyline suggestion: You and your party are a bunch of roaming thugs and you raid a gypsy camp. One of the elder gypsy women casts a curse upon your group and the fog rolls in. Now you guys gotta try and get out. or not.
*There’s a whole bunch of modules based on this realm*