‘The Oregon Trail’ Returns! As A Tabletop Card Game

You have died of dysentery.  These immortal words have been displayed on CRT monitors throughout school libraries countless times throughout our childhoods.  The image you see resting at the top of this article is not some cruel trick – it is, in fact, the much beloved game “The Oregon Trail” re-imagined as a TableTop Card game.

This multi-player tabletop version basically has the same concept of the legendary computer game.  The goal is to get all the way through the Oregon Trail to Williamette Valley.  You’ll fight pending dangers like dead oxen, starvation, rattlesnakes and many other things that can and will kill you and your entire convoy.

The Oregon Trail card game, created by Pressman Toys, was silently released by Target as an exclusive that is available in store – Right now.  It was a Redditor that spotted it on a shelf of their nearby Target, and quickly took to the internet to alert everyone. Its was also made available online, sadly at the time of writing of this article, it’s already sold out.  You’ll need to brave the outdoors if you want to get your hands on a copy – hopefully you don’t get dysentery.

The folks over at Pressman Toy Company have made a video explaining how the wildly popular game – which is in the World Video Game Hall of Fame – was adapted to tabletop play.

The Oregon Trail is available at your local target for $12.99.

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Photo via Target (CC-BY), Gallery Images via Imgur