The Eldtrich Moon FatPack, Is It Really Worth Buying?

Eldritch Moon Fat Pack

One of the big skills needed when playing Magic the Gathering is making sure your money goes a long way.  No one is going to deny that this can quickly become an expensive hobby, even for the casualist – not even mentioning playing in standard format.

A Filthy Casual such as myself has a fair number of options when shopping for MTG product; Amazon Prime, eBay and my local game store to name a few.  I’m a big proponent of supporting your local gaming community, but if its possible to get a great deal elsewhere I will choose the option which provides me the most cardboard per dollar.

When the Eldritch Moon set was released, DangerChris, The Red Falcon and I bought a booster box to share.  Additionally, in the past few weeks I’ve grabbed 5-6 booster packs at a time when payday rolled around, and also took part in a draft.  During this short time, I’ve amassed 414 cards from the set with an estimated value of $177.20 CAD.  I’ve largely ignored the Fat Pack as some quick calculations in my head made the value questionable.

Yesterday I found myself at my local game store where I had intended to purchase an Ultimate Guard binder.  After paying all my bills I found I had a little more fun money then usual.  And there she was – Liliana,  beckoning me with her piercing white glowing eyes.  Asking the clerk to hand over the pack I inspected the contents: 9 booster packs, 70-count basic land pack, a Spindown life counter, two deck boxes and some other stuff I didn’t care about. Then I studied the price tag of $44.99CAD.  At this store I knew that I could get 5 packs for $22 and some change.  Simple math told me that I could get 10 booster packs for roughly the same amount.

So, for that 1 pack I wouldn’t get, would there be enough value here to warrant it? One way to find out I guess.  I looked to the clerk and said “45 bucks taxes in”.  And I swear I must have rolled a NAT 20 on my persuasion check because the clerk immediately agreed to my proposition.


Opening the Fat Pack I was first impressed with the quality of the large card box, capable of holding 500 non-sleeved cards.  It was a lot more robust that I had originally imagined, utilizing a hearty cardboard stock sandwiched against an equally weighty paper displaying the artwork.

The included players guide comes hole-punched for easy inclusion in a collection binder.  The two included  “deck boxes” in my opinion are completely useless.  Seriously who are these for?  Only able to hold 60 unsleeved cards if your lucky, maybe I could use them to transport home my drafted cards….


What is this?! A deck box for ants?

I quickly set all this extra stuff aside because I wanted to get down to the business at hand.  Would I pull enough cards to pay for the $45 I spent on this thing?  For this analysis; I will only be counting Rares, Mythics and Foils towards the final total.

There was nothing else to do, I fired up Decked Builder and cracked the first pack!