Take Control Of Your MTG Collections with “Decked Builder” #TableTechTalk

The next biggest feature is deck building with your newly inputted collection, now that you know what you have, you can experiment!

White Mono Eldritch Moon Deck

Using the software you can build a deck using cards you own and see the Mana Curve and test the deck to see how it plays.  The other great thing you can do is build a dream deck with cards you don’t have, and with a single click, Decked Builder will send you to the store of the Price Source you have selected to purchase them!  What a time to be alive.

In Conclusion

So to wrap up, this is a very impressive offering from Decked Studios.  The learning curve took about 20 mins before I was off happily scanning and building decks.  The option to choose from multiple Pricing sources, including non-US ones is really helpful in seeing what your collection is worth.  Decked Builder has become a routine for me whenever I crack packs in my ongoing mission to stay organized as my collection grows.

Decked Builder All Devices

Decked Builder is Available for Mac and Windows and mobile versions are available for iOS and Android devices.  Sadly if you want both mobile and desktop versions you need to pay for a new license.  Using iCloud you can synchronize your database between devices so if you’re ever at Chipotle and wonder if you have a Green Suns Zenith in your collection to add to a new Green/Blue Commander deck, your covered.

I very much recommend you give Decked Builder a try.  If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing the full version, Decked Studios does offer a Lite version for you to check out.

Until next time boys and girls!

T3 Top Pick

Good Things

  • Blazing fast input using Card Cam
  • Research and build decks offline
  • Pulls in pricing information from multiple sources
  • Ability to make batch purchases from multiple online stores
  • Estimate the value of your entire collection

Bad Things

  • In-App purchases to Unlock Full Features
  • Seperate purchases needed for Desktop and Mobile

The Breakdown

Ease of Use