Take Control Of Your MTG Collections with “Decked Builder” #TableTechTalk

After a few minutes of searching, I determined the Magic Card database needed to run an update – a few minutes later I was in business!  I began scanning my cards and was immediately impressed with how responsive it was.  With only one Magic set selected to scan, the system was very fast, however the more sets you tell it to check through the slower it becomes.  I suspect the Card Cam works by starting a loop with each card, once a match is made it adds the card (and gives a delightful DING noise).  So as you add card sets, the loop has a longer way to go through to identify the card.  This is a minor annoyance as long as your somewhat organized and scan in cards one set at a time.  But if you have a commander deck that has cards from multiple blocks it could take the system longer – but I need to stress that it would still be light-years faster than manually entering the cards in one at a time.

The scanner is also very intelligent as it can identify cards that are upside down, sideways and even partially covered by up to 50% (if you have fat fingers for example).

Decked Builder - Card Cam

I suffer from BGHS, which stands for Big German Head Syndrome

Once I had the cards scanned into a Collection, DeckedBuilder can do some really cool stuff.  Right off the bat its able to bring in pricing information from multiple sources.  Allowing you to very quickly see what your collection is worth or seeing price changes to individual cards.  The section on the left is your main Database tool, the section marked “Coll” with buttons of ” –, Owned and Unowned” allows you to either search through either the entire Magic Database, your own cards, and the cards you missing respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.54.14 PM

The other filters available allow you to really drill down.  Want to know how many Rares you’re missing to complete the Eldritch Moon set for example? Change “Set” to Eldritch Moon, “Rarity” to Rare and click on Unowned and the results will appear instantly in the bottom Left of your screen.

T3 Top Pick

Good Things

  • Blazing fast input using Card Cam
  • Research and build decks offline
  • Pulls in pricing information from multiple sources
  • Ability to make batch purchases from multiple online stores
  • Estimate the value of your entire collection

Bad Things

  • In-App purchases to Unlock Full Features
  • Seperate purchases needed for Desktop and Mobile

The Breakdown

Ease of Use