Take Control Of Your MTG Collections with “Decked Builder” #TableTechTalk

A quick google search confirmed my suspicions (I swear all my good ideas have already been done).  Enter Decked Builder by Decked Studios, a complete MTG database at you fingertips with a wealth of features.  After quickly glancing over their website and getting excited over their Card Cam feature I headed over to the App Store (yes I know, I’m a filthy Mac user – but its also available for PC!) and completed the purchase of $9.99USD/$13.99CAD.

I loaded the program and must confess I was slightly confused for a couple minutes trying to work through the UI. I decided I would figure out that later and just go straight to the awesome Card Cam feature!
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 9.05.24 PM

I clicked the Card Cam Button and was met with an alert “Card Cam is an in-app purchase.”. …..What the hell? I just bought the software already what is this?  Clicking OK brought me to a purchase window for a total of $13.99CAD.  Now I was really annoyed, the entire reason I got this software was to have the ability to scan cards into a database rather than manually entering them in.  So now I really had no choice in the matter, I agreed to shell out another $13.99CAD to unlock the feature.  I don’t know why they just didn’t charge me $28 for the software in the first place.

Still pretty annoyed over this I decided to scan in my newest batch of Eldritch Moon cards.  The way the Card Cam works is you are met with a list of all the Magic The Gathering Sets ever made on the left side, you check the box of the set your scanning in and your away – you just start showing cards to your webcam.

But as I went to select the eldritch moon box – it wasn’t there.

T3 Top Pick

Good Things

  • Blazing fast input using Card Cam
  • Research and build decks offline
  • Pulls in pricing information from multiple sources
  • Ability to make batch purchases from multiple online stores
  • Estimate the value of your entire collection

Bad Things

  • In-App purchases to Unlock Full Features
  • Seperate purchases needed for Desktop and Mobile

The Breakdown

Ease of Use