SteamForged Games Accepting Late Pledges For Dark Souls

Dark Souls: The Board Game is an immersive RPG that is full of dynamic game play and bursting with monsters, treasure and boss fights


‘Dark Souls’ boss monsters

Steamforged Games is accepting late pledges until September 2nd. For those of you who missed out on being able to pledge for this game or if you’re just hearing about it for the first time; there is still time to get your copy of Dark Souls. Don’t be fooled into thinking this game is just another RPG: Borrowing it’s vibe from the Dark Souls video game series, you and your party will need to be clever, cunning and strategic to survive in this gnarly dungeon crawler.


Sample dungeon

Dark Souls utilizes a randomized dungeon tile deck which makes every game feel different and fresh. One of the best aspects of the game is “respawning”; if you die, you drop your gear and “spawn” back at the nearest bonfire. I like knowing if I die, I get another crack at that boss monster instead of starting the game over.

Character sheets and item cards are another innovation Dark Souls has integrated into their game. As you progress you’ll pick up new weapons, armour and powerful magic but you can only hold so much. Players will have some tough choices to make as to what they want to carry into the next fight.


The Core Game contains:

  • 3 Boss Models
  • 5 Mini-Boss Models
  • 4 Player Character Models
  • 4 Large Grunt Models
  • 12 Grunt Models
  • 7 Double Sided Game Tiles
  • 2 Double Sided Mini-Boss/Boss Tiles
  • 4 Player Character Boards
  • 3 Boss Dials for Tracking Damage
  • 60 Equipment Cards
  • 40 Treasure Cards
  • 26 Boss AI Cards
  • 36 Encounter Cards
  • 15 Coloured Dice
  • 100+ Game Tokens

If you’d like to pledge and bring this game to your table, you can visit them here to donate.

Image source: Kickstarter