Star Trek: Attack Wing Goes Back in Time With Release of 26th Expansion

Wave 26 sees the return of two popular ships featuring new paint jobs

WizKids has decided to stick with the theme of re-releasing ships and I can understand why: I’ve found that once an expansion sells out at my local gaming stores you just can’t get your hands on them anymore. Well with the release of the 26th wave we’ll see the Voyager and the Koranak make their way back onto store shelves. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these two ships, let’s take a peak at what they have to offer.

U.S.S Voyager



The Voyager expansion is a great expansion overall which I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get into Star trek: Attack Wing. The ship itself is well balanced, offering firepower and defense while also being able to take a beating. Janeway is a top tier captain and her ability to double up on actions can be the difference between being blown into the vaccuum of space or living to fight another day.



One of the things making Voyager such an invaluable expansion is the crew cards included. Tom Paris’ extra defense dice and Seven of Nine’s tech stealing ability are HUUUGE in this game. The Doctor can be used a number of different ways and allows you to use your officers without fear of disabled actions piling up.


I’m not a huge fan of discard style cards but the Transphasic Torpedoes can be really fun, and with Bio-Neural Circuitry, you can get a second roll if you’re first is a bust. Having been granted access to Borg technology, the Ablative Generator is an awesome damage buffer….if that’s your kinda thing.


Next up: The Koranak