Star Trek: Attack Wing Announces New OP Tournament

Wizkids shows us some Klingon love with this new three month OP storyline event full of great prizes!


“We cannot regain our honor by acting dishonorably!” – Classy Worf

Yup, if Classy Worf is telling you something about honor, you know it’s gotta be true! Wizkids knows what’s up and they’re letting us all in on the fun with this new Klingon heavy tournament; sure to be full of glory, honor and valiant death! Ships will be blown up, Klingons will be blown up and, eventually, Romulans will be blown up! Life is good!

As mentioned, this is a three month long, three part event with each stage having it’s own round of mini-prizes ending in a grand prize. Here are the three rounds:

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