GF9’s Star Trek Ascendancy Is a Night in and a Helluva Good Time

The greatest civilizations of the Star Trek universe struggle for control as they expand, explore and battle in the vast unknown of space

Gale Force Nine Games has done everyone a total solid by publishing this game. There’s a shit ton of Star Trek games out there so some could reasonably say, “really, ANOTHER Star Trek Game?!”. To those people I say this, just give it a chance. I’ve seen lots of good games sunk by long set up times. None of that garbage lives here. Each player throws their starting planets on the table (18 inches apart from each other), sets up their command console and grabs starting tokens (or nodes) for currency, culture and technology. After that, it’s time to begin exploiting….I mean exploring space.


 Gf9 suggests giving about 2 1/2 hours for a three person game, adding another hour per extra player. While that may seem like a long time, it’s totally worth it. Ascendancy digs into the vast cannon of the Star Trek universe to bring you some of the most notable planets and star systems we know and love. Gale Force Nine has made sure to pack this game with great dynamics to keep each play through fresh and feeling new. You can decide to be a fearful conqueror of new worlds or a peaceful diplomat as you create new space lanes to explore new worlds. All that being noted, there is going to be a fair amount of battle taking place. Each faction gets 30 ships and three star bases at the start of the game so you can imagine they’ll be put to good use.


Something I think should not be understated is how good  this game looks. Each players console has moving sliders to indicate advancement, the ship tokens are detailed and the planet coasters are sleek. The play area ends up having a pleasing, geometric look to it as well and when the playmat becomes available, it will look even better. With pre orders being taken for both Ferengi and Cardassian factions, I think this game will be around for a while, which is great! Here’s a video from GenCon 2016 where John from GF9 walks us through the game.