RPG Lite Edition: Four Games To Check Out Now

Your buddies are coming over for a night of dungeon crawling madness. Suddenly, something comes up and you are tight for time. No worries, these games pack all the fun of a classic RPG while taking a fraction of the time to play. 

Talisman – Fantasy Flight Games


If you’re looking for some RPG action but aren’t too keen on the group hug, co-op style of play then Talisman is for you. With 14 characters to choose from there’s going to be something for everyone in this game. Players start in the outer world, moving inwards towards a portal of great power. Along the way, you’ll acquire powerful magic, encounter evil monsters and complete epic quests. Then it’s a fight to the death for the Crown of Command as each player attempts to be the last one standing!


Talisman with all it’s expansions

Talisman is super easy to learn but has the depth to keep it entertaining for the more experienced gamer. It also boasts a ton of expansions so there’s always room to grow. Lastly, this game recently went out of print so I’d suggest getting down to your local games store and grabbing a copy of this now!

Krosmaster – Ankama Games – 


Anime lovers rejoice! There’s an arena style RPG out there just for you. Krosmaster uses both cards and miniatures, giving this game a fresh feel. Taking place in the world of Horomonde. Evil demons have decided to pluck various races from their homes and force them to fight it out, gladiator style, in a threat filled arena.

photo 1

A game heavy on tactics, players build their teams in either random or constructed formats. Each card has a point value assigned to it so as to keep a level playing field. Krosmaster has had some additions to it’s family and there’s an online presence as well. Check it out!