Red Falcon’s Budget Bonanza Game Gift Guide for 30 Dollars or Less

These games are easy on the wallet, guaranteed not to suck and deliver bang for your buck. If you’ve got a gamer on your gift list this year, we’ve got answers.

I love my family and friends. A lot. My wallet doesn’t seem to care. Sometimes I think it’s trying to sell me some yarn about, “this season not being about gifts”. My wallet doesn’t seem to believe it needs to exist and that currency should be based off a person’s character.

My wallet is a righteous, pure bred piece of crap.

And you, dear reader, may have stumbled upon this list of budget gifts because your wallet is a piece of crap as well. There’s no reason why being strapped for cash has to mean everyone gets a cup-n-ball from the Dollarama.

1. Boss Monster – 29.95 CDN

A sure fire holiday hit for anyone who’s into the side scrolling, classic video games of the 80’s. Boss Monster pits you and your friends against one another in an attempt to build the deadliest dungeon. Lure heroes to their death with promises of gold and glory and steal their souls! Two to four players can get in the action.

2. Zombie Dice – 16.60 CDN

A dice rolling game that can be played anywhere gravity exists with no limit to participants? Yes please! There isn’t a human alive who doesn’t like rolling dice. Just ask your crazy Uncle Larry next time you see him. Just about everyone loves zombies as well. The marriage between these two things was inevitable….not Larry and zombies….Though I have seen Larry pound some zombies in cocktail form. So yeah, make some zombies and roll some zombies!

3. Pirate Loot – 19.99 CDN

For the holiday party looking for a fun and easy drinking game, there is Pirate Loot! Travel the high seas competing to assemble the strongest crew and amass the most booty. A super easy game to learn for anyone who’s played Brisk, Euchre or even Go Fish, Pirate Loot is an amazing ice breaker for two to four players.

4. Adventure Time Card Wars – 17.99 CDN

Based on one of my favourite shows, Card Wars is a two player card game pitting characters from the show against one another. There’s actually an episode of the show featuring the game which is awesome. Card Wars is a stripped down version of games like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. If you aren’t familiar with the workings of these games, fear not! If you’re here reading this, the odds are good whomever you’re buying for will figure this game out quick. Also, if you’ve never watched Adventure Time, I seriously suggest it!

5. Star Realms – 17.99 CDN

Star Realms is a fast paced, two player deck building game. The brain child of two Magic: The Gathering hall of famers, this game balances luck and strategy meaning a newbie is never totally left behind. I’d suggest this game for people who are a little more serious into gaming as there are some slightly complicated mechanics involved. Nothing about this game is particularly hard to learn, mind you, it’s just got subtlety which not everyone is going to get. I absolutely love this game. Even losing at it is fun and that’s hard to pull off.