Our Picks For The Best Rainy Day Games for the Cottage!

What’s that? You got the long weekend off and are headed up to the cottage? Amazing! Oh snap! Dark clouds are rolling in FAST and your plans for the beach have just been sunk. Being stuck inside on a rainy day can be mind numbingly boring; here’s a few games to help pass the time while waiting for the Sun:


Steve Jackson games released this game around 2000 and since then it has been a wildly popular, fan favourite of rainy day, time killing. playing smoothly with anywhere from three to six people, Munchkin condenses what every RPG lover loves most about RPGs: Killing monsters, gaining levels and getting treasure. This game focuses on the silly; monsters with ridiculous powers, curses that change your gender, treasure giving you extra arms and the best part: Arguments over the rules are won by whomever yells the loudest! (it’s in the rules, seriously)
Let the best Munchkin win!