PucaTrade – The Best Thing For Magic Since Magic


I have a problem, I spend too much money on Magic cards. If anyone who didn’t play Magic found out I am sure they would think I’m weird. Cardboard has never been so expensive. If I played Standard format, I’m sure I would be spending even more money; with EDH I only need 1 copy so it’s kind of cool that way. What do you do when the hottest new card is $25 at release? How do you afford the revised duel lands for your new Abzan or Bant deck?

Enter PucaTrade – Where has this site been all my life? A free and easy way to trade cards? Sounds wicked right? Right! When I first heard of PucaTrade I was skeptical at first; I have to mail my treasured cards to someone I don’t know? Someone who could just lie? Yea I got trust issues but I will go to great lengths for Magic cards.

So how exactly does it work? Sign up first!

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