Pre Order Your Copy Of Myth: Dark Frontier Now – Kickstarter –

Megacon Games adds a new chapter to it’s Myth game series. A fully co-operative game for 2-4 players. Get your pre-order in now!

The darkest hour falls upon a city. Despair flitters from the shadows. Only a small band of heroes can save Ferrenroc from certain doom. 

I love games that drop players right into the third act crisis. No build up. No need to create complicated setting or scenarios. It’s all or nothing. Glory or death and sometimes a combination of both. Myth: Dark Frontier is exactly the type of game that starts in 5th gear.


The city of Ferrenroc sits in the middle of a map, surrounded by a creeping army of evil – the base game offers orcs but others are available –  and it’s up to your group to stop them. Doing this requires smart strategy, daring and a little luck. During the game, your party will need to bring resources into the city, recruit allies and recover powerful artifacts.


In Dark Frontier, players choose from a list of heroes that each have their own set of powers. Each hero comes with a deck of unique cards granting special powers. Players must then consider the order in which they use these abilities. Performing actions in the right order can lead to greater efficiency and a better chance at surviving the wave of darkness ascending on Farrenroc. 

buhOne thing that jumped out at me and is probably my favourite thing about this game is the city of Farrenroc itself. Every time the encroaching, evil army attacks the city, a piece of it is removed. So much more visceral than just marking damage on a piece of paper. It makes the game kinda feel like one of those free games you can play online where you have to defend and rebuild your city as waves of monsters attack.

My only concern with a game like this actually isn’t the game at all but the other players. It sounds as though there is at least a small amount of group strategy which tends to lead to bickering. I’ve played enough Pandemic to know that not every co-op game ends up being friendly.

Still, the fantasy realm has always had a special string attached to my heart and this game is definitely pulling on it right now. Below is a game walk through for those who might be on the fence about pre-ordering. I’d suggest you go for the 100 dollar pledge as the stretch goals include more monsters, heroes and other goodies.

Yours truly,
~Red Falcon