New Space Marine “Deathwatch” Chapter Unveiled and it Looks Amazing!

The Deathwatch are a specialized chapter of Space Marines whose sole focus is the ruthless extermination of all Xenos scum. Battle-Brothers are drawn from many different chapters to heed the call of the Deathwatch. And that makes for some fun and unique army building. Marines who join this prestigious group get to keep one shoulder patch from their old chapter while donning the black in recognition of their new order.


Deathwatch Marine with Black Shield

There are several Deathwatch outfits or “Kill Teams”; each designed to handle a different element of combat. For the close combat junky there’s the “Malleus Kill team“; equipped with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields. If you’re looking for speed and flanking, look no further than the bike and Terminator heavy “Venator Kill Team” to out pace and circle your enemies. Deathwatch offers you unique heavy weapons like the, “Furnace Pack Heavy Bolter” which is basically a bolter with a flame thrower and the, “Fire Cannon” for taking out heavier defenses and light vehicles; there’s just so much choice in equipment to work with that is easy to see why this would be a fun chapter to play with.


Corvus Blackstar: unique Deathwatch transport


Below is a great tutorial on how to choose pose your Deathwatch units while offering some advice on how to best assemble your kill team without making costly mistakes. If you’re thinking you’d like to take the plunge and get yourself a couple Deathwatch Kill Teams, click here to visit Games Workshop and see what’s available.

Image Source: Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games