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I’ve got a kid who just turned one last May and I’ve been trying to get him into Magic: The Gathering to no avail. He enjoys bending and drooling on the cards but he won’t sit down and focus. I’ve come to realize I need to simplify things a little to get his little, tiny, baby feet wet in the warm and wonderful waters that is gaming! I’ve done some looking and research and while it’ll still be a few years until he’s even ready for these games, it’s nice to know there are games out there that are looking out for me because I really, REALLY want this kid to like RPG’s and board/card games. No pressure though, honestly…it’s not like I’ll be crushed or whatever….



From Blue Orange Games, “Chickyboom” offers great learning experience involving counting, balance and strategy. Chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales all have their own weight and are all set on a teeter-totter like balancing beam; as pieces are removed a balancing act is revealed!  Try and collect as many pieces to win but becareful; take the wrong piece and unbalance the see-saw and you’ll be yelling, “CHICKYBOOM!”…. wait that sounds kinda fun, maybe losing isn’t so bad here…



A new release from Funny Bone Games, “Spirot” is a game of pattern recognition and memory. A grid of nine cards are set up and each card is depicting an image. Once the starting grid is set, each player is dealt six cards and the game begins! There are four ways to earn points in this game and they all happen in sequences of three: If you have three cards that have the same colour and image, same colour but three different images, all different colours but the same image OR..or..or…. all colours and images are different…..YOU GET A POINT! First to five points wins!



Another entry from Funny Bone Games, “Juxtabo” is a game of both mental and physical dexterity. A grid is formed from different coloured tiles and each player is given seven tiles of their own as a starting point. Each player then draws, “Challenge” cards which depict a specific pattern of colours and from there, each player tries to recreate the image on their card. By stacking new colours on top of old ones, the game begins to look like a colour packed landscape and as players complete challenge cards, they draw new ones. This is an award winning game and it’s easy to see why! Learing is fun!



“Blokus” is an older game, first released in 2000 and created by Bernard Tavitian, this game of basic conquest and strategy has won awards and gained the attention of Mensa, which awarded it in 2004. Played between two to four people, each player is assigned a colour and each colour starts in it’s own respective corner. Different shaped tiles…think Tetris….are played on a board with the caveat that each tile must be touching a tile of the same colour. Once a player can no longer place tiles, they pass on their turn until there is no space left or a player runs out of tiles. Points are awarded for each space covered on the board.

Spectra Cube


I’m not sure why I didn’t just make this article about Funny Bone Games but really, they put out some cool games for kids! Following the theme of colours and shapes, “Spectra Cube” is a dice set that can be used for several different games. Examples of game play are things like, “SPECTACULAR SHUFFLE!” which pits you against your friend to see who can roll more primary and secondary colours. “Greedy Grab” is like a smart version of a game I played as a kid called, “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”; in this version of the game, centre cubes are places on certain colours and as you and your friend roll dice, try to be the quickest to grab the dice that come up showing the same colours as the centre cubes! A game of dexterity, quick thinking and both pattern AND colour recognition, “Spectra Cube” is a must for any gaming family or class room!

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