Red Falcon’s Top 28 Picks for Magic the Gathering’s Kaladesh

Kaladesh hits shelves everywhere starting in October. Some of it’s main attractions are new mechanics like energy counters and the reemergence of artifact vehicles. Here’s a list of the complete hotness available in the set. 


After looking through Kaladesh, I’ve seen some great cards that could find there way into Commander format decks easily. My final impression is that the only colour that didn’t really benefit from this set (outside standard and Kaladesh drafting) was Red. All the other colours and colourless combinations have received some very cool additions. The Gearhulk set of artifact creatures are all pretty awesome….think about them as a kind of Titan replacement. The energy counter mechanic is also pretty cool; allowing you to save mana in certain situations or at least changing up how you pay for things. So ya, these are the cards I’m going to be looking out for.

1. Ariel Responder


Ariel Responder is an all around solid card. Only rated and uncommon, it’ll be cheap and easy to find which adds to it’s merit. What’s not to love about a three drop flyer with lifelink and vigilance? I’d be looking at this as a possible addition to any control style deck.