Hordes Of Undead And Raging Fires Await You In This Thriller Of a Game

Dark, Darker, Darkest tests your survival skills and teamwork as you frantically search for the antidote to the undead infection in the creepy house of Dr. Mortimer.  

An infection is sweeping through the land, creating all sorts of horrors hellbent on one thing: Your death…and undeath! Using a modular board tile system, Dark Darker Darkest never plays the same way twice. Room tiles feature different kinds of encounters. Some rooms have security cameras for you to avoid while others feature doors which need to be unlocked. Two things this game focuses on are resource management and turn efficiency. You can only do so much on your turns and the order it happens will decide whether you live or die.

As if a ravenous gang of zombies isn’t enough, your party must also contend with a mad scientist who’s trying to burn down the house. If left unchecked, rooms can be destroyed by flames making it harder for the party to move around. As mentioned earlier, this is a game about making choices. Do you activate the sprinkler system to kill the fires or do you reload your gun and shoot some zombies? There are even going to be situations in which players have to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the group.

There are a slew of game rules and mechanics involved in DDD. I wouldn’t recommend it to inexperienced gamers but if you like a game with lots of dynamics then I think you’ll find this game enjoyable. In case it hasn’t been made clear, this game is ridiculously hard to beat which I think hard core gamers will enjoy but noobs will hate.

At some point in the game the players will enter the laboratory. At this point you must face the mad scientist himself. Here’s where the game really picks up intensity. Where before the group acted in a co-operative sequence, now you choose 6 action tokens and place them after which the enemy can react. It’s a little hard to explain but let me tell you….. it’s super intense and crazy fun.

So what are the issues with this game? Well for one, it lacks focus. There are a lot of rules and mechanics in this game which at times makes it confusing. In fact, there’s already been a revision in game rules to make it run a little more smoothly.

Another thing is the miniatures. I mentioned earlier this game is advanced but the meeples look cheap. It’s unfortunate given how expensive this game is. At 70 bucks Canadian, I think they could have gotten some nicer looking models.

Still, this is a great game for the zombie enthusiast or anyone looking to do some co-op, rpg style gaming.