Gun Metal Games Launches Pathfinder RPG ‘Interface Zero’ – Kickstarter –

Calling all Cyber Punk enthusiasts! Hackers, drone jockeys and hired guns work for global entities in this techno-futuristic-space travelling RPG


Interface Zero is an RPG that focuses on all things cyber. It looks like it’ll have some similarity to Shadow Run which was a favourite of mine for many years. Where Shadow Run dealt with magic and dark arts, Zero Interface trades that for space travel and planetary colonization. Possible story lines could include being part of an elite swat team unit, working for a geo-political corporation as subterfuge specialists or just being a bunch of mercs and smugglers. There looks to be a little of everything in this game all centered around cybernetic enhancement….FUN!

Furthermore, In this world a super computer named the Tendril Access Processor or T.A.P has access to millions of minds, downloading images, data and manipulating reality across the globe. Will you be a black hat hacker, hell bent on stealing secrets and identities? Or will you protect those who can not protect themselves?


Notably there are 16 playable classes, seven unique races, cool abilities loads of cyber gear, this game is going to be fun. What better is that Gun Metal Games already has an expansion, “Starfinder” in the works. They’ve assured it will be compatible with Zero Interface.

For anyone who’s into anime like Akira, Ghost in a Shell or Metropolis this game is going to be something right down your cybernetically enhanced alley. With just under a month left for pledgers to fund the project, this game looks like it has a good chance of seeing the light of day. Visit the Kickstarter site by clicking here if you’d like to pledge.