Gorechosen Pits Champions Of Khorne Against Each Other In Brutal Battle

It’s a no holds barred, free for all grudge match in Games Workshop’s Gorechosen; glorious victory or death await. 

If Games Workshop does one thing really well, it’s coming up with new, fun ways for us to destroy one another. Gorechosen is a chaotic mess of an arena: each champion comes equipped with massive hammers or body rending axes. Every single on of these dudes are using skulls as fashion accessories so you know they mean biznazz! the arena itself is full of pain inducing features: terrible spikes and hellish flames hunger for your flesh…but hey, if you happen to push an opponent into said spikes or flames, they’re flesh will do just fine!


Champions of Khorne

Gorechosen is loosely considered and RPG style game. The box set comes with four characters, each with their own character sheet detailing strengths, weaknesses and special moves. One thing which is cool about this game is how the turns work. At the start of the game, players put three initiative cards in a pile, shuffle it and draw from the top. There’s a chance you could get to take two or even three turns in a row! Additionally, the game has a cool feature called the wrath tracker which determines how many initiative cards you get. Taking damage pisses your character off resulting in more initiative while using powerful moves exhausts your dude and lessens your initiative. Even if you die, your character can still influence the game through the use of special fate of the slain rules. The fun just never stops!


Valkia the Bloody and Skarr Bloodwrath

Something else that looks promising is the Games Workshop has already released two expansion units for the game: The winged terror, Valkia The Bloody and chain axe wielding Skarr BloodwrathI wouldn’t be surprised to see an expansion in action cards or maybe a 5-6 player arena board released in the future. To be honest, with a little DIY intuition it would be pretty easy to just make one up on your own and have a massive battle royale. If you are still on the fence about grabbing this mix up of murderous mayhem, check out this video by Warhammer TV on the basic gameplay and mechanics that make Gorechosen run.