Goin’ Deep on Adventure Time: Card Wars

“I’m not righteous. I’m wrong-teous. Stupid-teous.”
~ Finn

I love Adventure Time. I think it’s one of the most weird-ass, creative-ass, bending of space and time-ass shows I’ve seen in a long time. They always bust into 8 bit style jams which are infectious. Finn and Jake are best friends who adventure HARD to save ladies and get power ups and I think they’re the best. Cryptozoic Entertainment  thinks they’re the bomb as well and has released an all in one, two player card game for you to battle it out with your best friend. Basically, this game is based off the game Finn and Jake play in their episode fittingly titled, “Card Wars” which I strongly suggest you watch if you’re into CCG’s at all….which if you’re here YOU ARE INTO CCG’S!!!


There are a bunch of different, “Card Wars” sets you can buy. Check them out here. This one features Lemon Grab and Gunter who are characters from the cartoon. I’m immediately drawn in by the familiar charismatic, messy and cute cartoon art on the cards. Don’t underestimate the importance of fun or cool card art; you’re looking at these things a lot while you play so they should be fun! Here’s the basic rundown on how the game works: Both you and your best friend have a 40 card deck, four lands and your respective hero; in this case either the ice-loving Gunter or the corn hugging Lemon Grab. Who goes first is decided by who’s the coolest…. suuurriusssslleyy… the rules actually state that the coolest dude goes first!

Adventure Time!

Each player has four lands and at the start of the game they are all set on the board horizontally. You’re best friend sets up their lands directly across from your forming a grid. Land are what you put creatures and buildings on and you get them from your deck….NOW THE FUN PART….you both draw five cards. You each start with two actions a turn which are used to cast creatures and place buildings on your landscapes. Certain creatures have extra, “Floop” abilities adding a fun element to the game. If you reach the end of your turn with any free actions left over, you get to draw that many cards up to a hand of six.

Once you’ve cast some creatures it’s time to righteously battle, dude! Your creatures fight every turn and if there is no creature across from yours then you drop the log on top of yer friends nog and do direct damage. Drop your buddies life total to zero and you get to be, “The Cool Guy“. “Card Wars” is a pretty light game to learn and a great primer for anyone who might be interested in getting into more complex CCG’s. With a few sets to choose from plus booster packs, you have the option of customizing your decks as well, adding a competitive edge that would make Jake proud of you. Maybe he’ll make you some, “Bacon Pancakes”.

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