Gnomes and Associates Is a Gateway To The Realm of Fantasy – Kickstarter –

Welcome to Marvelands where Gnomes, Goblins, Trolls and Fairies compete for riches and gold!

A game for both the initiated and the gamer curious: Happy Games Factory has created a fun and easy to learn role playing game in Gnomes and Associates. This is the type of game you bring home and play with your family or with your weekly game night gang. It’s use of miniatures provides a great first step in learning basic game mechanics that are often used RPG formats without the game being too rule heavy. The seasoned gamer will appreciate some of the finer details which make this game run quickly and smoothly.


Gnomes and Associates is all about getting rich and completing missions. It’s also all about stealing from your opponents and beating them up. It’s one of those games where larceny is something you can do every round. Ya, that’s right, larceny is just a thing that everyone is doing all the time! Rounds are quick: each miniature is given two main actions (movement, combat, LARCENY, building) and then they can use an action card.


The action cards are easy to decipher and fun to play. The use of terrains is a great way for beginners to learn about things like cover, defense and attack modifiers. Once again, while this game is friendly to newbies, it still looks as though seasoned pros would have a good time here. Guilds have unique abilities which augment the tactics and strategies used in the game. With five days left to pledge, these guys have already met their Kickstarter goal so you know you’ll be getting a really fun game if you drop some money on this. Artifacts, treasure, and Marvelands creatures await!

Red Falcon bids you all a fond farewell