Fun And Easy Games To Get The Party Started


“Kill the monster and loot the room”  is the credo for the runaway popular game Munchkin. Players get to take on all sorts of roles, from elven wizards to orchish warriors….and sometimes an elf/dwarf/orc/fighter/thief/wizard.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Every group of friends has that person in it. you know, the person who’d talk through a movie or shouldn’t sing in public. Well Drunk, Stoned or Stupid calls them out in this group vote game. Each round, a judge reads a card and the group decides who fits the bill.

Pirate Loot

On the high seas, anything goes and Pirate Loot makes sure of it. Treachery and deceit are abound in this rollicking, back and forth card game. At the end of each round, whomever controls the strongest amount of a single colour gets first dibs on the loot. The first player to 10 loot points wins. Fast and fun, this game will be a favourite among your play group.