Frightening Suspense Awaits You In ‘Betrayal At House On The Hill’

Turn the lights low, light the black candles and prepare yourself for frightening delight. Tonight, a Judas walks among you!

If you’re looking to play a board game with a different feel, Betrayal At House On The Hill could be just the thing for you. If you can find a group of people who like to suspend their disbelief and really get into games, this one get’s spooky and intense in a super enjoyable way.

Distributed by Wizards of the Coastthis game is slightly unique in that it requires a minimum of three players but works best with a full compliment of six players. The reason for this is that one of you is actually working against the group; trying to fulfill your own insidious goal. It’s a race against time as the rest of the group tries to uncover the traitor before the spirits of the house over take them.

The game starts innocently enough; lower, main and upper floor tiles are placed, characters are chosen and players begin exploring the house. The fun begins when new rooms are added to the house. Some rooms have special encounters known as events, omens and items. Basically, events are things that test your characters stats (Might, Speed, Knowledge, and Sanity) and items are things you can use during the game. The cards that matter most belong the omen deck. When a player encounters an omen, dice are rolled. If the number rolled is lower than the number of omen cards that have been played…..THE HAUNT BEGINS!

Once a player triggers the haunt, they must leave the room to read what scenario has descended upon the house. Usually the player who triggered the haunt becomes a traitor, working with the monsters of evil to destroy the rest of the group. During this time the rest of the party reads their conditions of victory and discusses strategy to stop the traitor. Once the traitor returns, game play resumes with a few notable exceptions: first, if there is a traitor they move after the rest of the group…..and, oh yeah….there’s probably going to be zombies, werewolves, vampires or dragons in the house as well…. oh my!

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Betrayal at House on the Hill has a run time of about an hour, which is a great length for a game. It’s got a nice blend of co-operative play mixed with player vs player and the scenarios ensure the game doesn’t get boring and repetitive too quickly.

Oh yeah, there’s also been an expansion for this game. It’s called Widow’s Walk and offers 20 new tiles and a bunch of new scenarios, monsters and characters. Being scared has never been so fun!