Fantasy Flight Gives Sneak Peak At New Star Wars: Destiny CCG

Fantasy Flight Games has added a new layer to the classic CCG format and it all gets rolling this November. 

“From the swamps and soaring architecture of Naboo to the forests of Endor and the desert sands of Jakku, the Star Wars saga has invited you to experience a fully-formed universe, brimming with life and adventure. Throughout this saga, you’ve encountered noble and roguish heroes as well as undeniably daunting and infamous villains. Now, withStar Wars™: Destiny, you have the chance to play out any battle you can imagine, using your favorite heroes or villains from across the entire series!”
~Fantasy Flight Games


Star Wars: Destiny is not your average CCG. Not only are cards involved in this fast paced, two player dueling game but also dice! Each pack of cards comes with unique dice for the characters enclosed and I daresay, it looks like this is going to be a helluva fun game to play. Starter packs for the deeply disturbed Kylo Ren and another for the indomitable Rey will be available when the game launches in November. Each pack consists of 24 cards and nine dice, while booster packs will contain five cards and one dice.


The mechanics behind Star Wars: Destiny puts the emphasis on speed, with opponents getting one action per turn. This style of play creates a nice tension, like the kind I’m sure you’d feel if you were trading blows with a light saber or volleys of blaster fire. A game utilizing both dice and cards is going to require a little bit of time to master and Fantasy Flight totally gets that which is why they’ve released a set of tutorials to get everyone up to speed. Click here to learn more.