Fantasy Flight Games Releases Free Star Wars RPG Expansion

Fantasy Flight games wants to encourage gamers to explore the Star Wars universe


The Star Wars Beginner Gamebox set is an all in one introduction for people interesting in gaming. It has enjoyed a lot of success due to its ease of play and popular branding. The thing is, what do people do when they finish Discovery on Jakku (the adventure in the box)? A lot of players and game masters might be hesitant to shell out money to buy new books or adventure modules and why wouldn’t they be? Fantasy Flight games has give an answer to those who want to keep playing but are on a tight budget; with no further ado, we give you A Call For Heroes

A Call For Heroes is free, chalk full of adventure and stays true to the beginner game mantra. A quick breakdown of the adventure goes like this: in Discovery on Jakku, you’ve realized the First Order is kinda shady and most likely you’ve met the resistance. In this expansion, the resistance is calling out to all wanna be heroes and THAT MEANS YOU! 

What’s great about this adventure is you can either start with new characters or advance the ones you used in the first adventure. The other great thing about this is that it’s a free PDF download. I’ve already linked to the download site once but I’ll just do it again RIGHT HERE! 

May the force be with you.