Get Behind One of These Promising Kickstarter Campaigns

Kickstart the new year by backing one of these kickstarter campaigns. Bring a unique gaming experience to your table in 2017!

I’ve been scouring Kickstarter and after checking out the different board game funding campaigns I’ve gotta say, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for gaming. If you’ve never backed a Kickstarter before, it’s super simple: each campaign offers different levels of financial backing. You choose the one that suits you best and, voilà! You’ve got yourself a new game that’s going to be pretty exclusive. Getting in early can save you money versus buying the game retail. Each of the games I’m recommending what I think the ideal pledge would be but feel free to check the other pledge amounts.

1. Dropfleet Commander


Recommended pledge: 60 

I watched the tutorial for this game I gotta tell you, this game is impressive. Right away I started to compare it against the Attack Wing game system and in a few ways, this game seemsThe miniatures look have been given amazing detail; the Scourge look particularly lifelike with their coiling tentacle, cephalopod ships. The mechanics make gameplay seamless. The 60 dollar pledge gets you two starting fleets, terrain, and a number of scenarious to help aquaint you with Dropfleet Commander. I’d like to see this game do well. Aerial combat games are just awesome to play. Click here to watch the tutorial I was talking about.

Kickstart it!