Dark Age Outpost – Kickstarter

Dark Age Outpost Will Elevate Your Table Top Experience – Kickstarter –

Everyone knows that having kick ass terrain and miniatures for your table top gaming makes for a more immersive experience.

Dark Age Outpost is looking to make your next D&D game one billion times better with their line of pewter terrain and minatures. Palisades and towers will make it so much easier to envision what your characters are seeing. Using mechanics like line of sight becomes instantly easier and most importantly, it just looks so cool!


One of the biggest challenges a dungeon or games master can face is trying to have enough miniatures to field a full battle. Well, look no further! Especially if your looking to focus on any sort of Viking or Norse style game setting, Dark Age Outpost has you covered!


Yup, if you’re looking for walls with gates…..gates that open! well just stop whatever it is that you’re doing and head on over to Dark Age Outposts Kickstarter page and give them some of your money. You’ll be getting yourself some grade A terrain and miniatures in return. Click here to visit their site.  Make sure to get yourself some paint as these modules will be coming to you in plain silvery pewter.