By Crom! Asmodee Games’ Conan Has Begun Shipping!

Conan is not just another mindless barbarian and this game is not just another hack and slash RPG. 

While the Kickstarter campaign may be closed, fear not my fellow gamers: Conanthe board game was set to hit shelves in late November.  Let’s take a look at what the game has to offer, aside from a huge dude with a huge sword of course.


Conan is a turn based strategy game for up to five people. One person takes the role of the Overlord who is a dark and evil ruler of all that is dark and evil. The game comes with a number of scenarios for the heroes to play through. This isn’t a game about saving the world however, saving princesses, stealing treasure and the like await your adventuring party. As for the moral ethos of Conan and his gang, Monolith has this to say,

“There is no good. There is no evil. There is only blood, gold, and glory.”

~Team Monolith

One of the cooler elements of the game is the role of the Overlord. The Overlord acts kind of like a dungeon master….who is hell bent on killing the party! While the heroes use single miniatures and expend energy to fight there way to glory, the Overlord uses minions to do his or her bidding. A player board is given to the Overlord showing what monsters and equipment are available during gameplay. Games that offer both cooperative play as well as pitting players against each other are really fun.


Your wizards and warriors won’t have much time to tarry as this game moves at break neck speed. Most scenarios are timed; meaning the clock expires at a set number of rounds. This puts pressure on the heroes to keep pushing until they either are gloriously victorious or gloriously defeated….either way glory awaits. But wait, just because you’re tight on time it doesn’t mean you can’t stop to loot for treasure, armour and magical weapons!


Another great thing about this game is how the miniatures look. Monolith Games has put a lot of attention into making things look the way they should and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Game mechanics are smooth and thoughtful. A nice example of this is the use of fatigue. Heroes expend energy counters to make attacks and cast spells and the only way to replenish them is to rest. Fatigue forces players to consider the future as they’ll need energy to complete missions.


As an aside, as a kid I loved the Conan cartoon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out…. seriously it’s really cool. Conan and his buddies have weapons made of Starsteel that can root out these lizard men disguised as people. Conan’s parents were turned to stone by an evil wizard and he is looking to get some revenge and hopefully save his family. Awesome….

Red Falcon out.