Conspiracy: Take The Crown – Spoiler!


Hot off the spoiler train here it is –


Oh yes please.

Kaya, Ghost Assassin

Damn, she is sexy. 5 loyalty for 4 mana but no +1 only a 0. She is definitely something to keep an eye on. Card advantage for -2, drain and gain for -1 and a full turn rotation flicker for 0; this protects herself or it protects you or it protects a cool on drop creature you have. This card will be on my want list and I will enjoy testing it in a deck or two.

How do you feel about this? I have never been super interested in the Conspiracy rotations, but with this drop, they now have my interest. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what your thinking.

One of my favourite MTG YouTubers has a good video about her out already, check out TheManaSource –