Commander Staples – Red

Welcome back to Commander Staples! This time around we have the chaos, the anger, and what is considered the worst mono deck colour to play in EDH – RED!

Now I don’t play much red, never have. Nothing about it is very appealing to me. But, I do have a decent grasp on the top cards and what I have seen perform. So, if you have any feedback, please let me know! Let’s kick it off –

1: Anger


Red, it can hit fast and hit hard, Anger helps facilitate this by almost permanently giving your creatures haste. Opponents have to remove it from the game for this to break the effect and at a multiplayer level there is most likely going to be a semblance of a graveyard recursion deck at the table that will be the prime target of graveyard hate. Surely a must have in most all red decks.