Commander Staples – Lands

2: Strip Mine


I have a serious hate on for Gaea’s Cradle. I have a serious hate on for Homeward Path. I have a serious love for Strip Mine. For under $10 you can watch while you burn down your opponents $200+ Cradle. Believe me, nothing is sweeter. There is literally no reason to not be playing this card, it’s cheap, available and Mayor of Valuetown. Now my meta isn’t into land destruction with the exception of high value lands like Cabal Coffers, Gaea’s Cradle and things of that nature, we wont go out of our way to hurt your land base. We find that type of game a bit unfun, we have dabbled in the past but it’s just not for us. However feel some multicolour deck is hurting for one of their colours? Kill it. Kill them. You win, you are the champ all thanks to Strip Mine.