Commander Staples – Green

Commander EDH Green

Ok ok! Welcome to Chapter 2 of Commander Staples – This article we are going to cover Green, ramp king Green. Let’s just jump right into it!

1: Sylvan Library


What would you say is any Green decks weak point? If you said card draw, you would be correct. Sylvan Library is a staple draw card in every single deck that has any amount of green running. This card is cheap to play and easy to get you rolling at a pace hard to stop. Pair this with most green decks biggest strength – ramp, and you have yourself a great transition to mid game. Pair Sylvan with Sensei’s Diving Top and you can start manipulating your draw to a crazy level. The card just got itself a reprint in Eternal Masters so we should see a half decent price drop coming soon.

Just remember the number one rule when playing Sylvan Library – A REAL wizard takes the eight.