Commander Staples – Blue

Hello! and welcome to another addition of Commander Staples; this time we dive into the control colour, the ‘I want my opponents to have to ask permission’ colour and one of my favourite colours – Blue!

Let me just start by saying, Blue is the hardest to choose only three cards from. So many cards that didn’t make this list would easily be on the next person’s list. Please don’t hate too much, this is just my opinion and blue is all shenanigans anyway.


1: Mana Drain


A Counter Spell on steroids. This card not only denies your opponent a play, but it also ramps you and depending on what stage of the game you are at, it can be devastating to the board. This card also can turn the tables in a lot of games, not just by stopping a key combo from your opponent but if the mana gain was large enough enables access to many moves on your turn. This is a must-have card on any deck that includes blue, the double blue casting cost should not deter anyone from playing this card. Though the price of this card will deter a lot of people and that is very fair, I doubt we will see a reprint any time soon or ever.

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